We are constantly aquiring.

If you are interested in selling art – whether it is a single piece, a whole collection or a part of a portfolio of artworks – please do not hesitate to contact us. If you send us the relevant informations (artist, title, medium, condition) about and – if possible – photos of the artwork(s) you would like to sell we will contact you with a feedback based on the informations provided as soon as possible.

We will answer every serious enquiry!

We would like to make two remarks in this matter:

(1) No art dealer or gallery owner (or art databank) „knows“ every artist. We hope for your understanding that we cannot make a serious offer for an artwork we do not know or we do not have any experiences with; in this case we prefer to not make an offer at all, but we will be glad to – if possible – give advice on who to refer to.

(2) The purchase offers we make. We purchase in order to sell. Please consider that it is only a profitable business for us if we can sell with a certain surcharge. We believe that our offers are fair and rather high in comparison to the common purchase prices on the commercial art market. We are always willing to explain our particular offers, if desired.